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Cubix WebSQL  v.1.0

Cubix WebSQL Framework is a ASP.NET C#,javascript classes framework, designed to rapid develop web systems, based on C# and T-SQL programming language. Build powerful web applications with ease using SQL Queries / Stored Procedures.

RichBlocks  v.1.0

RichBlocks is a open source Framework to develop Web Systems based on the RIA metodology.

The JHAX Project - Standardizing web 2.0  v.1.0

JHAX - Javascript/HTML/ActionScript/XML. JHAX is a new methodology taking the best features of web based technologies and use them together in powerful new ways to develop web 2.0 rich internet applications.

TreeFrog Framework  v.0.80 Beta

The TreeFrog Framework was designed as a high-speed and full-stack C++ framework that is supposed to help you develop Web applications. Because the sever-side framework was written in C++/Qt, web applications can run faster than that of lightweight

Squid  v.3.1.18

What is Squid? Squid is a fully-featured HTTP/1.0 proxy which is almost (but not quite - we're getting there!) HTTP/1.1 compliant. Squid offers a rich access control, authorization and logging environment to develop web proxy and content serving

Automated postal mail on-demand app  v.1.0

L-Mail, the online, on-demand letter printing/posting service operating around 30 locations has made sending automated letters from web systems easier with the launch of its new open source web

FreeMovie  v.1.1.3

FreeMovie is an SWF generator library written in PHP and ported to Ruby. FreeMovie can be used to develop Web and desktop

JOpenComponents  v.0.2.14

JOpenComponents is meant to be a common platform to develop trading systems using the Interactive Brokers API

WebForm  v.0.18.4

WebForm is a library to develop Web-based (database) applications. The core aim for this module is to minimize the amount of code duplication in projects and to maximize the security of your applications by providing strong data-verification

WenQuanYi (Spring of Letters)  v.0.2

This project aims to develop the most complete, standard compliant, high-quality Chinese (and CJKV) fonts and resources, including bitmap and outline fonts of various styles. We also develop web-based tools to facilitate online font-dev

Carbon - Framework  v.1.0

Carbon is intended to be a framework to develop Web Applications. It was inspirated by People Soft (Oracle) tehniques.

OLAP Faces  v.1.0

This library provides a set of JSF custom components allowing to develop web interfaces to multidimensional data. Those components can use data from any olap4j-compliant data source.

CompactIS  v.1.0

Replacement for LDAP/Active Directory. Geared towards web systems. Provides a SQL backend with support users, groups, sitewide logon, webpage permission management, and much more. Admin interface: Web-based

Adria PHP framework  v.1.0

Framework to develop web-enabled enterprise applications with PHP5. Includes services for manage users with different autorization levels, customers, suppliers projects, and PDF or CSV reports. The API is oriented for the easy programing of new modules

US Southeast Flora Atlas  v.1.0

This project is to develop web applications and data integration functions to provide information on the collection records, ecology, geographic distribution, and taxonomic concepts of the vascular flora of the region.

Venus View  v.1.0

The Presentation framework for Web applications. On the basis of: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML. Configure your user interface with Tag libraries (for J2EE systems) or XSL templates (for any other WEB systems using XML/XSL).

RuralWeb  v.1.0

Ruralweb is a project to develop web pages make in java with an easy interface.

SpringX  v.1.0

SpringX is an open source project to help you develop Web applications quickly.It was originally developed to as a project skeleton which base on SOA and AJAX. It is depend on Spring and empoldered with eclipse, So you can use SpringX easily.

Proghelp  v.1.0

proghelp is a tool to rapidly develop web applications requiring database back-end support.

TastyFramework  v.1.0

TastyFramework is a opensource, fast and very easy PHP Library to develop web application based on MySQL database. TastyFramework is a complete Framework of PHP classes, functions and libraries and is release on GNU/GPL public license.

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